Telrok Records

Netlabel for interesting electronic dance music

What about that "Telrok"?

The Netlabel TelRok stands for electronic music with heart and mind. Our artists are flashy, funky, quite simply, unlike most mainstream musicians.

Why a netlabel and what is this anyway?

A netlabel is like a normal music label - there are a bunch of releases by various artists. The only difference to a normal label is, that a netlabel releases the songs as a download and these are totally free to download.

Is the music really free? Where's the catch?

We publish our music under a Creative Commons License NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0. That means, you are allowed to download the music, listen to it, publicly perform, distribute (eg. via file sharing, e-mail or webcasting), and even remix it. The only requirements are that you use this non-commercial, as in the provision of remixes that this will also be distributed free of charge.