Telrok Records

Netlabel for interesting electronic dance music

TELROK003 - Various Artists - <3 Less than three EP

There's a new release - this time an EP with tracks from Ayana, Sky Jewels, Vincent Rohr and MKzero.

The "<3 Less than three EP" is now available on and of course on our releases page.

TELROK002 - El Fulminador - la naturaleza de la consciencia alienĂ­gena

We got a new release, an album from the Berlin-based artist El Fulminador.

The album is called "la naturaleza de la consciencia alienĂ­gena" and you can find it on Soundcloud, and of course on our releases page.

TELROK001 - MKzero - A better Tomorrow EP

We are proud to announce our first release - an EP from our artist MKzero.

The "Better tomorrow EP" is now available on Soundcloud, and under our releases section.

Telrok Records got a new logo

It's been a while since you have heard from us the last time. But that does not mean that we haven't done anything, no, a lot happened in the background. New plans have been made, we connected with artists from different regions all over the world and of course made a lot of music ;)

Telrok Records

Of course, the most important message, as you can already see from the title is, that we have a new logo, and in our opinion it's pretty cool. You may have seen it the last days in different social networks. The logo will be used on future publications and on various other things to use - you may be curious about what will happen ;)

Special thanks go to the creator and sponsor JazzyShirt, a company where you can create your individual T-Shirts online.

The opening of Telrok

The birth of an alternative label for electronic music

It is the twelfth of September in 2009. A small group of music hobbyists, both consisting of DJ's and producers, which is dedicated to electronic dance music, hosted a party in the north of Thuringia.
At some point a question arises, especially on the Producern, : Why do we not distribute the music anyway, without an external label?

This date may well be called the birth of the label Telrok. And as we go along the idea of a label became more and more true. But issues arise.

Shall we really prescribe the commercialization?

What will be the name of the label?

Which genre will be released on this label?

Finding the answers to the questions was not difficult, and so an ever-clearer concept grew, with the idea of a non-commercial netlabel as a base, which is open-minded to various electronic dance music genres - as long as the music is away from mainstream.